FHES Teaching and Learning Vision

Our vision at FHES is to build truly inclusive classrooms that have academic rigour at the heart of every lesson, with expert teachers that challenge and support all students to be the best they can be.

At FHES we strongly believe in research-informed practice, and that certain ‘best bets’ are more effective for student learning. We therefore have strong routines and high expectations around behaviour for learning. We expect questioning, modelling, scaffolding, feedback and retrieval practice to be research-informed, and we expect to see all lesson time maximised.

Across the Weydon Multi-Academy Trust, we have implemented the attached teaching and learning policy, heavily focused on the use of evidence-informed practice to create ‘FLOW’ learning in classrooms.

WMAT ‘FLOW’ Learning T&L policy

We believe in a professional trust and growth model towards achieving this vision. All teachers have a teaching and learning coach, and all teachers work towards becoming more effective over time, through instructional coaching and action step feedback and practice.

Please find below a link to the ‘go to learn’ lesson visit form, and the CPD focus feedback form that supports this. Thanks to Chris Moyse for his work with us on developing our teacher-development strand of our CPD process.

FHES go to learn lesson visit

CPD focus feedback observation form

FHES home learning strategy

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